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Services We Offer

Services We Offer

Shamar Equip

Mental health impacts every part of your daily life, playing an integral part in your overall well-being. Your well-being determines how you interact with your peers, parents and teachers. Most clinics tend to focus on the needs of adults whereas teenagers are particularly vulnerable. Up to 65% of young people experience mental health issues but do not seek help due to the stigma attached to mental health and the uncertainty regarding available resources. The Shamar Equip programme aims to reduce the stigma around mental-health by taking a resilience focused approach to improve a Teen’s well-being and daily functioning. This is achieved through targeted self-improvement group-based sessions and various therapeutic activities, all of which are facilitated by qualified mental-health professionals.

Our intention is to ensure that all Teens who have completed the Shamar Equip 3-week programme experience improved well-being, greater self-awareness, and powerful knowledge that can be applied to their lives. Shamar Clinic intentionally focuses on the specific areas of mental health that Teens struggle with and what research shows to be of massive concern for this age-group. By equipping your Teens with the tools and skills needed to direct their own growth and awareness, we create a lasting impact through targeted interventions and programmes.

By participating in the Shamar Equip programme your teenager will gain access to a group of highly qualified mental-health professionals where they will learn confidence and strategies to empower them to live meaningfully and to become part of the larger Shamar family. The programme is ideal for a Teen who:

  • Experiences anxiety and depression,
  • Struggles to regulate and manage their emotions,
  • Feels alone, rejected and isolated,
  • Has little hope for the future,
  • Wants to learn more about themselves and how to improve their general mental well-being and,
  • Teens who have become dependent upon unhelpful behaviours to cope with their difficulties, but who are committed to forming new, healthier, and adaptive strategies for their lives.

By the end of this programme your Teen will learn:

  • How to identify different emotions, feelings and how they relate to ”what we think and do”,
  • How to identify patterns of thoughts and how these thoughts result in various actions and behaviours,
  • The neuroscience behind uncomfortable thoughts and feelings, and how this impacts, on the choices your teenager makes,
  • How to direct lasting changes in your teenager’s life,
  • To accept the difficulties of the past and learn to focus on the future,
  • About the art of reflection and how it can be used as a tool for greater self-awareness,
  • How to function effectively within safe and connected relationships with others.

Duration of Shamar Equip

Two consecutive Fridays and Saturdays which will include a snack on the Friday and a light lunch on the Saturday.

Friday   14h30 – 17h30
Saturday 08h30 Introduction (Programme starts 09h00 – 15h00)

Cost of program


R250 per parent attending the mandatory psychoeducation group.

(Sessions can be partially claimed from Medical Aid.)

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