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Services We Offer

Teenage Eating Disorders

Lee Collins – Bio

Lee is a passionate advocate for guiding individuals in establishing a harmonious food rhythm that empowers them to unlock their full potential and optimize their time. With an impressive track record spanning 15 years, she has successfully operated her own private practice in Pretoria East. Lee thrives on being a culinary architect, meticulously crafting personalized plans that align with her clients’ unique health requirements, financial considerations, taste preferences, and dietary restrictions.

Her ultimate aim is to guide them towards a state of renewed harmony with both them and food. When she’s not immersed in her profession, Lee cherishes moments spent with her loved ones. She finds joy in leading an active lifestyle, engaging in puzzles that stimulate her mind, and even surprising herself and others with her baking prowess.

What is an eating disorder?

An eating disorder manifests as an unhealthy and detrimental relationship with food. It is not an abrupt occurrence, but rather evolves gradually over time as individuals attempt to exert control over their food intake or body weight. This reliance on patterns and behaviors provides a false sense of control, often leading to obsessive and self-destructive actions such as restricted eating, excessive eating, or engaging in harmful practices like excessive exercise, purging, or the use of laxatives.

Recognising the presence of an eating disorder may not be immediate, and one may remain unaware until formally diagnosed. Consequently, it becomes crucial to seek assistance if any suspicions arise, as this can help prevent long-term harm to one’s overall health and well-being.

Program Duration:

17h30 – 19h00


Contact us for available dates.


R450 / child / session

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