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Services We Provide

Services We Provide

Shamar Educational & Motivational Talks

Facilitated by HPCSA registered Professional (Education Psychologist, Clinical Psychologist, Life Coach.

Educational Talks / Workshops / Training covering several general topics.

General Topics:

  • Understanding the Teenage Brain
  • Understanding the Child’s Brain
  • What is My Adult Brain doing?
  • Our brains and our relationships
  • Me, Myself, and I (how you can mould your personality structure)
  • Addictions and Substance Use in Young People
  • Dealing with Trauma, Loss, and Grief
  • Understanding My Mental Health
  • Understanding My Child’s Mental Health
  • The Interface of Science and Faith
  • Understanding Sexual Identity
  • Growing Resilience and Character
  • Burn-out and Recovery
  • Understanding how to deal with my depression / anxiety / bipolar / OCD / panic disorder / personality disorder / eating disorder / behaviour disorder / addiction etc


R3000 per hour


These motivational and educational talks can be booked by calling Jess Smith on +27 60 844 6788 or email Jess on

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