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Services We Offer

Services We Offer

Shamar Restore

Shamar Restore is focused on teenagers who have been suspended from school for disciplinary and/or behavioural reasons.

School disciplinary processes and sanctions can have a major effect on a Teen’s life and their future, this is why the preventative element is of such great importance. Often a suspension will be applied in response to a Teen’s serious misconduct, with the hope that this will function as a precautionary measure to correct behaviour. However, suspensions rarely address the underlying psychological turmoil that can cause problematic behaviour. Understandably, schools simply do not have the resources to walk students through a therapeutic approach in disciplinary outcomes, which often leads to learners returning to school without significant behavioural change.

Furthermore, the broken relationships within a Teen’s context remain unaddressed, and the psychological distress that they may be carrying does not undergo holistic healing.

The Shamar Care Team has recognised that this suspension period could be better harnessed to become a preventative and restorative one for the learner. Shamar Restore approaches these Teens with respect and kindness so that they may be empowered to take ownership and responsibility for their behavioural change.

Shamar Restore works together with schools and parents to bring-about restoration to individuals and to their relationships. This is done by focusing on and addressing the various factors that influence and impact the Teen.

Many times, the behavioural difficulties result from poor emotional regulation, trauma, loss, learning disabilities, anxiety, depression, addiction, uninvolved adults, relational discord, broken families, bullying, peer pressure, and a myriad of other factors; many of which can be prevented with correct and timely interventions. It is often the school environment in which these psychological challenges are expressed through contrary behaviours.

Usually, suspended learners are expected to carry out their suspensions at home before returning to school. If not used correctly, the time at home becomes unproductive and redundant in rehabilitating a Teen to adaptive functioning. During the suspension, the misconduct and behaviour should be addressed, challenged and changed so that the learner can re-enter the school system having received the necessary support to address all the underlying factors that precede unhelpful behaviors.

The reality is that parents, especially those who work, do not have the skills nor the time to spend with their teenagers to support them and to work on the underlying issues that cause the contrary behaviours.

The vision for the Shamar Restore programme is to witness the restoration of Teens through an integrative, comprehensive therapeutic and behavioural-modification approach. Shamar Restore is facilitated by highly qualified Educational Psychologists, Clinical Psychologists and Addiction Recovery experts.  Once Teens have completed the full programme, it is our hope that they will experience greater measures of psychological insight, stability, and success within their school environments.

Sadly, during times of suspension, the student falls behind with their academic schoolwork, creating new and unwanted problems when they do return to school. To make sure that they maintain their academic progress, Shamar Restore will mitigate this by keeping enrolled students up to date with their schoolwork whilst they are suspended.

This program is ideal for students who:

  • Are facing sanctions or disciplinary action at school,
  • Have a history of problematic behaviour at school that often gets them into trouble,
  • Have been suspended and need behavioural intervention,
  • Are stuck in a perpetually negative cycle within all spheres of their lives.

By the end of this program the teen will learn and understand:

  • How thoughts and feelings impact on their behaviour,
  • How behaviour can influence interpersonal relationships, and how better to manage this,
  • How to direct general behaviour towards their immense potential,
  • Understand oneself in a comprehensive way so that one can begin to take responsibility and agency in life,
  • How to deal with underlying anxiety, depression, addiction, and other psychological problems,
  • Build towards a better, desired future.

Program Duration:

Shamar Restore is available once a month and consists of three days from a Tuesday to a Thursday.


07h30 – 15h30 (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday)

Program Cost:

R7850 for all three days and includes:

  • Supervised schoolwork sessions with a tutor
  • Gym sessions with qualified Trainer
  • Meals, snacks and refreshments
Note:  It is mandatory for one parent to attend a session to be held on a Saturday. This will be charged separately at R250 and will be booked separately. This can be claimed back from your Medical Aid.
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